The Inspire One Pro has been the best addition the the company fleet. The X5 camera uses the GH4 lenses and records fantastic 4K video with 12.8 stops of dynamic range and 16MP stills
DJI Inspire One Pro
We’ve upgraded the standard DJI lens for a micro four thirds Olympus 12mm f/2.0 The control of the craft is excellent and our work flow has improved with 10 minute fights, the smaller craft means less regulation for sub 7kg and we are getting some truly awesome shots. The lighter craft means we can get a little more radical, the bigger craft just make you feel twitchy. I have over ten years flying experience and the last four years with UAV’s and this craft has inspired [no pun intended] the most confidence in a craft. I’ve even had it tell me that the signal is lost and still my heart beat doesn’t climb through the roof. I know it’s gonna do what it’s programmed to do. We plan, we test and we make sure we don’t act like cowboys. If it feels wrong there is a really good chance that is because it is wrong. We calibrate the compass at the beginning of every shoot and if we move a distance greater than one mile, guess what, we calibrate again. We take test shots, we review footage, we check locations and more often than not the camera operator is also a Bnucs and CAA approved drone pilot. With the X5 camera, two controllers and half a dozen batteries we are talking about a £4000 investment. It’s not small change but it’s worth every penny and it’s far less than the S1000 with a 5D3 hanging from a Zenmuse gimbal.