Quality Video Production brings it all together

As well as the UAV’s we also have a full range of production equipment.

You can use Droid-Cam to put together a team to shoot an advert for your business, charity, organisation or public services. We are always working with great producers, directors, camera men, sound engineers, editors and many other industry professionals.

Depending on your budget, we will subcontract the right people and organise the whole process. Offering a one-stop solution can be advantageous for the small to medium size organisation (business, school or charity) to put together a professional video for a specific event and or their website. We have contacts ranging in price and experience from Students to seasoned pro’s. Maybe you have an idea or maybe we need to start by brain-storming ideas.

Tell us your budget then just leave it to Droid-Cam. Call us now to discuss your ideas and requirements.