Search for hot-spots with an aerial perspective!

This is a very specialist area, from building heat loss to search and rescue. We use FLIR cameras which can open up a whole new world of imagery. Thermal images can be seen in daylight plus night flights are possible with permission from the CAA.

Working with security companies Droid-Cam can watch the action from the sky. Thermal imaging cameras have saved many lives in a search and rescue situation, imagine the extra power and reduced cost of using a drone. Sting operations can be conducted using the UAV as part of the team. Real time video can be sent down from the craft to the camera operator who can in turn advise, update and direct a covert team on the ground via radios. Droid-Cam teams up with industry experts to offer this service.

With green credentials growing in popularity heat loss is an important factor in both commercial and industrial buildings. Using a Flir camera mounted on the UAV’s gimbal we can fly over and around a building to ascertain its heat loss and pinpoint the thermo dynamics of the structure.

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