Create eye-catching promotional aerial videography

At Droid-Cam we are passionate about working with film companies. Typically working with production companies and advertising agencies to produce breath taking opening, revealing, fly over, chase or fly around aerial videography shots that give your piece the wow factor.

A 360 degree remotely operated camera gimbal means the craft can fly a required path and the camera operator can keep the subject framed as required. A second ground station means the director can see the action in real time. Removing the UAV pilot from the task and making the process a two man operation greatly increases the complexity of the shot. The pilot can now fly a more complex or taxing path and not worry about which way the camera is facing.

The camera operator can pan and tilt the gimbal without even being near to the pilot. This means much more dynamic shots are a walk in the park. For example; we recently did an amazing shot with a Lamborghini Aventador on location in the Isle of Skye. The car came down a mountain road and the craft was hovering at knee height. As the car approached the craft lifted and the Lamborghini passed underneath with less than 500mm between the camera and the £230,000 car. The craft kept climbing and the gimbal span around to follow the car over a picturesque stone hump back bridge. The craft kept climbing and the camera operator was able to keep the car in shot as it blasted down the deserted country road. The twenty second clip finished with the craft at approximately 80m and a perfect view for miles of a stunning glacial valley.

By splitting this shot in to a two man operation it makes this stunning shot everyday stuff for the team at Droid-Cam. One of my personal favourites is a shot where we flew from out over a lake, under and in between two trees, up slightly to avoid a fence post, the actors walked in behind the craft and we flew up to 50m to reveal the stunning view. An extremely technical and challenging shot which was used as the closing shot of the series.

We are limited to 400ft above ground level, and higher with special dispensation. The craft can fly at 35 to 40mph and 600ft away from the pilot. We use large craft specifically designed to carry a Canon 5D and produce smooth and flowing shots. We also have a small craft with a Go Pro 3 Black for tight indoor shots. A Canon C100 is used in situations where something a bit extra is required. Watch this space for a gimbal developed to work without heavy lift craft which can carry an Arri!

We can fly ‘visual line of sight’ with a 5 kilometre visibility. This means we have limits, some can be overcome with special flight permission from the CAA and NATS. Sometimes a full size helicopter is the only option. Filming is what we love to do and if you’re thinking about giving your film, short or documentary the ‘wow shot’ call Droid-Cam now to discuss your vision. ‘The sky’s the limit’.