Inspecting roofs with aerial photography

Typically commissioned by surveyors, building companies and facilities managers to take high definition photographs, sometime video and occasionally thermal imaging can be extremely beneficial.

We can fly over a roof and position the craft using GPS technology to clearly photograph potential problem areas. You can then take your time to study and enlarge a photo or freeze frame the video on the desired evidence. This can be quicker, safer and less expensive than traditional methods. The location or structural integrity may prevent human access. Cherry pickers and lift baskets may have access issues and height limitations.

Scaffolding is a large undertaking which can be unsightly and undesirable for the client. Our UAV’s can obtain the information required with little or no impact and within minutes of arriving on site. The weather does not have such an impact on this application, a blue sky is not so important. With GPS systems within the craft we are able to take photographs at a specific height, looking in a specific direction and a latitude and longitude accuracy of /- two metres.

All our pilots are BNUC’s qualified which means they have passed a written exam and a practical flight test to give them permission for aerial work from the Civil Aviation Authority. This means there are safety procedures and guidelines that must be adhered to. A site survey is sometime required to ascertain the viability of an instruction. A full postal address or even a latitude and longitude are required for our initial survey.

We are looking for possible obstructions by using a number of resource material like Topographical Air Charts. It is very important that we integrate with the manned aircraft world. If your proposed site for aerial photography is within restricted airspace then permission from the National Air Traffic Service maybe required. This will be undertaken by Droid-Cam at no cost to the client, when employing Droid-Cam you can sit back and rest assured that all the I’s are dotted and t’s crossed!