The story of Droid Cam

Droid-Cam is the brain child of electronics and remote controlled fanatic, Alexander J Baker.

He started his love affair with all things remote controlled as a spotty teenager racing RC cars. ‘Half the fun is building and rebuilding them when they crash! Alex reminisces.  Many years later he moved up to the big boys toys with RC planes and later helicopters. Such is his passion that he has even taken helicopter lessons and started his PPL in a fixed wing. If he’s not flying RC planes, helicopters, multi-rotors, full size planes and helicopters you’ll find him jumping out of them! Yes, you read it right, when he finds time to relax, the crazy fool likes to jump out of aircraft, getting his kicks from skydiving.

A natural ability for all things electronic started at a very young age. Alex designed and built the first self-dipping rear-view mirror and door mirrors back in 1988 as an electronics school project. He has a passion for all things electronic, complicated and gravity defying, this makes multi-rotors right up his street. Alex’s introduction to UAV’s was a test flight with the Dragon flyer X8 at Uxbridge University. At £30k it was a very capable piece of equipment that was aimed at military and commercial applications.

He came away from that meeting thinking ‘I can do better for less’. A confident and audacious thought but that’s exactly what he has done. Through great contacts and working with some of the top people in the industry, arguable, that’s exactly what he has done. His craft fly in higher winds, are more stable and carry bigger payloads, not to mention that they are a fraction of the cost! Alex quotes Paul Corazzo as his biggest inspiration, Paul has been instrumental in the design and development of the craft they now build and sell, ‘without Paul’s knowledge and experience I would have taken three times longer and cost three times as much to get to the point we are now’.

Droid-cam can be deployed anywhere in the world with any combination up to and including three pilots, with three separate aircraft, director, production crew and full size aircraft if required.
Our droids can not operate safely in gusts above 30mph and rain will definitely stop play! The droids are powered by lipo batteries and very powerful electric motors which don’t like water.