Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography

Multi rotors, helicopters & fixed wing UAV pilots

Droid-cam is a group of BNUC-S qualified and highly experienced UAV pilots. With a combined experience of over 40 years of remote controlled flying you can rest assured that Droid Cam will get your Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography job done. We have a high level of technical ability in what is a relatively new technology. All our pilots have spent years in the model world before progressing to multi rotor drones and helicopters. The capabilities of our drones is truly remarkable. GPS technology now means we can position a drone in the sky or activate the drone to fly pre programmed ‘way points’.

Aerial Photography and Aerial Videography

At droid-cam we are happy to work alongside your production company or as a complete unit. There is very little we can’t provide. We do however operate under the Euro USC code of practice for good airmanship. Please be aware that we must operate with the manned world and be mindful of their presence at all time. It’s very important that droid-cam has one eye on safety at ALL times.


  • Sporting Events
  • Music Events
  • Public Events


  • Video Promotions
  • Live Demonstrations
  • Action Stunts


  • 2D & 3D Aerial Photogrammetry
  • Qualified Surveyor
  • Pix4D intergration

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